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Islahiya College, Chennamangallur, one of the prominent institutions under Islahiya Association occupies a significant position in the social, cultural and educational lives of the Muslims of Kerala. The beautiful blending of Arts & Islamic subjects here make the courses more attractive and usefull. Islahiya is proud of its contributions throughout decades in enhancing the quality of religious Education in Kerala. Molding a socially committed vibrant generation is its first and foremost aim. Ever since its inception, Islahiya Group of institutions has been treading a unique path to reach out to the society.

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Chasing one’s passion for successful career is a dream for everyone. We are extending our hands to support them in accomplishing their cherished dreams. The academic ambience here encourages acquisition of new skills and knowledge and development of ones personality. Education is a process that goes on throughout one’s lifetime. We feel that the objectives of learning is not restricted to employment. It must be helpful in winning here and hereafter. Its strong reputation and acclaimed teachers and innovative experiments attract hundred of students each year to Islahiya. The college offers highly viable path towards quality Islamic education.

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Islahiya College, Chennamangallur with its glorious legacy of five decades has been able to produce a good number of eminent personalities who have been making indelible contributions in Kerala’s social, political, educational, cultural and religious scenario. By being pioneer in the state to successfully combine arts and Islamic education, the college is considered to be one of the foremost Arts and Islamic colleges of Kerala. Let this institution be your first choice for your/ your ward’s higher secondary and undergraduate education.

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