Islahiya Association (Regd)

Chennamangallur Al Madrasathul Islamiya was the first religious institution founded by the Islamic movement in Kerala. When late great scholor KC Abdullah Moulavi and a team of dedicated Islamic activists came up with the idea of establishing a full time religious school, their governing motive was a complete overhaul of the traditional religious Madrasa system that had failed to stand the test of time. The system that was prevalent then laid emphasis on a rote learning of the Quran, Ignoring its semantic and interpretative possibilities. The traditional Madrasas used the hybrid Arabi Malayalam Language writton in Arabic letters as their medium and confined their instruction to a few fundamental aspects of religious observances. 

In contrast, the new full time, five year Madrasa syllabus included a comprehensive study of the entire Quran with meaning and interpretation, Arabic language and grammar and Riyalussaliheen (a collection of Hadeeth), besides languages like English, Urdu and Malayalam plus Mathematics and General knowledge. It also incorporated a study of Islamic Fiqh in Malayalam. The phenomenal success of the new project prompted the authorities to upgrade the Madrasa to a college. The establishment of the Islamiya College in 1960 marked the realization of this dream. The institution was renamed Islahiya College in 1967.

Though the Madrasa offered instruction to both boys and girls, there was no religious school catering exclusively to girls anywhere in Kerala. The fulltime Madrasathul Banath founded for girls at Chennamangallur was the first of its sort in the state.

Chennamangallur High School was founded under a committee set up by the members of Al Madrasathul Islamiya Managing Committee in 1964. KC Abdullah Moulavi and PC Sagheer Moulavi were respectively the president and the secretary of the society that was renamed and duly registered as Islahiya Association. The society was now in charge of all the assets and institutions of the earlier committee. The aim of the association is the establishment and running of educational institutions that combine spiritual and material education.

 Mr. O. Abdurahman, Chennamangallur is currently the president and Mr. K. Hussain, Chennamangallur is the secretary of the association. The association affiliated to Majlis Education Board has the official recognition of such international bodies like Zakat House Kuwait, Qatar Chality Qatar and World Assembly of Muslim Youth. Riyadh,it has permission to receive forign contribution under the FC Act as approved by the Home ministry of India. A noble venture with a view to providing to the upliftment of the socially and educationally backward minority community; had its rise in the year 1967.

 Empowering the muslim minority to the larger interests of our nation is the proclaimed goal of this charitable organization. Association has been registered under the societies registration act ( Reg No: 42/67 ), and is now on the move to realize its vision. In order to hit the mark of its mission and vision, Association has been running a host of institutions like Schools, Colleges, Madrasas, Orphanage and Mosques. These are centers of learning both secular and spiritual; wherein the major part of beneficiaries is the members of the target community. A Managing Committee having 17 members is responsible body for running and controlling all the Associations Institutions.

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