Message from the President

Dear well wishers,


May God’s blessings be upon you all.


Given that its first and foremost purpose is to raise a socially active and lively generation, Islahiya Association is proud of its efforts to increase the quality of religious education in Kerala over the years. Since its foundation, the Islahiya Group of Institutions has taken a unique approach in reaching out to society. The Association has undertaken various projects concentrating on the welfare of undergraduates over the years, not only to support them during their undergraduate years, but also to help them develop the personality and skills needed to compete in the competitive job market they might confront in the future. Learning objectives, in our opinion, are not confined to employment alone. It must be advantageous in terms of current and future victory. Hundreds of students travel to Islahiya each year because of the school’s excellent reputation, acclaimed faculty, and cutting-edge experiments in academics. The association facilitates excellent opportunities to get high-quality Islamic education.